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Affordable Primary Eye Care for Eyes of All Ages

Optometrist in Lakewood, CA

Dr. Gottlieb Optometry is a primary eye care office in Lakewood, California. We are proud to serve the surrounding areas for the majority of their eye care needs. Both of our offices are certified in both glaucoma and "red eye" care. Our mission is to provide each patient with extraordinary care, from children's exams to contact lenses and computer strain.

Optometry 101

There are 3 "O"s in the eye care profession. These are optician, optometrist, and ophthalmologist.


An optician can help you to choose your frames, the materials for your lenses, their coatings, and teach you how to insert and remove contact lenses.


The optometrist is considered the "gatekeeper" of eye care professionals. These doctors concentrate on the optics of the eye. Through the best offerings in contact lenses, frames, lenses, and lens coatings, optometrists ease the patients' functions in their daily activities. Your optometrist will also monitor your eye health through vision screening and diagnosing eye diseases.
Optometrists can also treat red and pink eye, corneal abrasions, allergic eyes, foreign bodies in the eyes and more. They will also work with ophthalmologists to manage the pre- and post-operative aspects of refractive and cataract surgeries. Recently, they have been certified to treat glaucoma and inflammatory conditions.


An ophthalmologist concentrates on treating eye diseases such as advanced glaucoma that require lasers, and performing surgeries such as refractive and laser procedures. In addition, both optometrists and ophthalmologists refer to retinal specialists for further treatment.

By having your eyes examined regularly, you can help to maintain their health and keep your vision on par. There is a lot more to a regular exam than whether or not you need corrective lenses.
We're Different!
We go beyond traditional eye care and teach you about the latest ophthalmic lens designs,
refractive surgery alternatives, myopia control, dry eye advancements, and contact lens modalities.
Our office offers over 100 lens styles and 1400 frames so we can truly customize your eye wear to
provide maximum comfort and maximum performance.

Incredible equipment!
Electronic refractors that provide a faster, more accurate prescription with less stress.
Optos retinal scanners for a more in depth health assessment WITHOUT DILATION.
Oculos Keratograph for anterior imaging and dry eye evaluations.
Computerized laboratory provides 1 hour service and precise fabrication.

Amazing doctors who take the time to listen and offer you the best advice to tailor your vision needs.

Dr. Gottlieb Optometry

Since 1981, we have been at the same locations, offering advanced equipment and technology to treat and diagnose your eyes. Our on-site lab allows us to perform the tests and make your lenses right here and have them ready for you within one day. Should you break your glasses, you can have them replaced in just one day instead of 3 - 4. Whether you suffer from computer eyestrain or you need prescription lenses to see, we are here to help you.
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