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Dr. Gottlieb Optometry of Lakewood, California, provides children's exam, prescription glasses, and contact lenses to patients. We also offer treatment of many basic eye problems, as well as referrals for advanced or complex conditions. We are your first stop in optical health.

Dr. Gottlieb Optometry provides patients with an 11 point comprehensive eye health examination. This examination screens the patient for glaucoma, cataracts, retinal health issues and muscle imbalance conditions. Extended exams measure the cornea for proper fitting of contact lenses. To maintain proper eye health, annual eye exams are necessary.
Children's Exams and Eyewear
Do your children have healthy eyes and 20/20 vision? Or do they regularly have complaints or problems at school? Are the basic "vision screenings" conducted at your child's school or pediatrician adequate?

About 80% - 90% of a children's visual system is developed by the time they are just 6 months old. Newborn, a child sees 20/1600 with a +2.00 prescription, roughly. By 1 year of age, the vision is 20/50 with mild refractive errors and mild astigmatism. 20/20 vision can be achieved between 1 - 5 years of age.

This normal pattern can be varied by environment, genetics, and other factors. You should have a primary eye care doctor monitor your child's development, intervening with appropriate treatment as needed. We perform the necessary children's exams and provide glasses and contact lenses in-house.
Little girl checking her vision — Eye doctor in Lakewood, CA